How The Fashion Industry is Rallying Together for Covid-19

Designer Christian Siriano's now infamous tweet offering to help make health masks as New York fights the coronavirus, has sparked a flame of collaboration amid the fashion industry. Designers and manufacturers are pooling resources to create a much needed surge of supplies for health professionals and citizens.

The tweet quickly caught Gov. Andrew Cuomo's attention, who thanked the "Project Runway" alum and got in touch with his team. He also asked others for their help.

Other industry insiders are now following suit. Fast fashion brand Zara is likewise making masks for first responders in Spain. As hospital workers plea for more supplies as to not compromise their safety, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand. In walks creativity. Coperni’s Arnaud Vaillant posted a sewing pattern on his website for anyone who wants to make a fabric mask at home.

It is vital that we rally together. “Premature babies have no immune system, so we’re already thinking about every surface we touch and using hand sanitizer dozens of times a day,” says one New York based nurse.

"We all feel a little blindsided and at risk, so if you can find a way to help—whether it’s by donating, sending food, making masks, or simply sharing words of encouragement—please do." says Vogue writer, Emily Farra.

If you are feeling anxious, worried or afraid don't hesitate to reach out to someone to talk. Chances are that they have similar feelings. I also, shared affirmations for Covid-19 on my personal instagram account.

As we unite internationally to navigate this virus, please do what you can to stay safe but also remember that this is effecting the whole world so love your neighbors as yourself.

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