How to Create Instagram Worthy Content for Broke Fashionista

Are you the next Claire Summers or Rachel Zoe? Do you live, sleep and breathe fashion? Do you have thousands of outfit ideas buzzing around in your head, but your finances don’t match your fly? Say no more. There are multiple ways showcase your style to the world without breaking the bank.

  1. Lay it All Out. Take flatlays of your favorite wardrobe pieces. If you have clothing, shoes or accessories that you love, share it with the social media world. So what if you have worn it already. Reintroduce items to your followers and potential brand partners by creating stunning flatlays. Be unapologetically vocal in your caption about how much you LOVE the items, and of course tag the designers/brands. You never know, they may see your post and slide in your DM for a sponsored post.

  1. Something Borrowed. Sift through your closet and brainstorm new looks you can create from what you already have. Holding on to a bodycon dress that highlights your curves? Borrow a leather or denim jacket from a friend, add a different shoe and bam: a whole new look! If you’re the social type, try hosting a handful of friends in your home for a full blown clothing swap. Nothing beats “free shopping” and ridding your closet of clothing that no longer serves you. Be sure each person has someone of a similar size attending to swap with.

  1. Repost-est with The Mostest. What inspires you-give credit. Most brands and influencers love it when their content is shared- credit given. Repost what inspires you. Tips for making other’s content flow with you own. 1. Consider your brand. I love this but does it make sense? 2. Do not use repost apps. A repost stamp takes away from the aesthetic of the image. 3. If taking a screenshot, make sure the tag symbol is not in your image. My personal pet peeve is when I click to see who is tagged in a photo and it is no one! Just a black circle stamped on the image.

  1. Partial Credit.Remix old photos or outfits by cropping images to highlight one feature such as shoes, blouse or jeans. This is a great way to reuse images with minimal effort but major impact.

  1. Small Investments.Accessories are generally more affordable than buying an entire new look. Invest in a bold belt or statement earrings to elevate existing looks. A chunky necklace or fun shoe can take a simple look from okay to okurrr!

  1. Get It on Credit. Not literally on credit but renting wardrobe is the new charge card. Brands like Designer Share, The Frock Shop, Rent The Runway and others offer every element of style for a fraction of the cost and a timeframe of a week or two -aka plenty of time to snap the perfect photo. Because you probably were only going to wear that Alice + Olivia dress one time anyway.

  1. Outreach. Never underestimate the power of influencer marketing. Myth: You have to have ten thousand followers on Instagram for brands to deem you worthy of partnership. Truth: Your worth -be it via Instagram or reality is not based upon what any brand or anyone period thinks of you. Don’t allow fear to stop you from reaching out to brands you admire. They may deny you, but with the right pitch and media kit there’s also a chance they might send you an item or two to share with your followers.

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