How To Create A Productive Work Space

You guys asked for content on creating a productive work space and here it is!

I spend A LOT of time in my office at my computer so it needed to be a place where I could have the liberty to create but atemophere to be disciplined. Here are my tips on how to create a productive work space.

1. Set The Mood

I am big into aromatherapy so my lavender oil in my diffuser and lavender vanilla candles are a must! The scent relaxes my mind and helps me get in work mode. Our brains are creatures of habit so if begin to associate certain scents with work mode, your brain will naturally prepare to get ready to go hard.

2. Tune In

In addition to scents, I also recommend music. For me, I typically turn to YouTube for 3 hour long instrumentals so I can focus on my tasks versus being interrupted to skip songs on apple music or spotify.

3. Be Prepared

Having a visible prioritized to do list is a great way to stay on track and not get distracted. I personally only compile a list of 5 or less so it feels attainable. It is really satisfying to complete everything you set out to do for the day!

4. No Phone Zone

If I have a major deadline, my phone notifications are turned off and my phone is tucked away in a corner charging. It is no secret that one notification can be the detriment between you and accomplishing your work goals. If this isn't applicable for you, I recommend turning off unneccesary notifications like social media and dating apps.

5. Brain Food

My name is Porchea and I love snacks. Snacks get me through a long work day! If I have a lot to do, that means I don't have a lot of time to cook so I'm usually using my Crockpot for my major meals. While my brisket or BBQ chicken simmers for 4 hours, I snack on mandarin oranges, Brookside dark chocolate covered berries, almonds, yogurt and of course chips. Blueberries, nuts, avo, eggs, leafy veggies, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds are great sources of brain food!

6. Affirm Yourself

In addition to leaving myself love (sticky) notes on my desk, I also have my vision board posted in my office along with several framed affirming statements and images of people I admire. This is a constant reminder of my why. When I feel tired I can look down and see a note from myself that says, "Keep Going!" or "You Got This, you creative little genius you!". I look over to the wall on my right and see my vision board that displays all of my goals and why the work I am doing in the moment matters. I look above my monitor and see my sheroes, Beyonce, Tia & Tamera, Elaine Weltheroth, Misty Copeland and many others that have paved walkways for me to be able to walk into my purpose confidently knowing it can be done!

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