Birthday Behavior: 31 Things I'm Thankful For

Birthday Behavior: 31 Things I'm Thankful For

It is my birthday!!! (Maybe....depending on when you read this!) I'm so excited to celebrate another year of life! This year has been nothing short of amazing!!! God really showed up and out my first year in my 30s! There were some struggles along the way but in true #GodIsGood fashion, He worked all things together according to my good! (Romans 8:28) With that being said, I decided to kick off my birthday by compiling a list of 31 things I'm thankful for. Gratitude is the gateway to true joy! Check out my list and drop a comment telling me some of the things you are thankful for!

  1. Both my parents are alive. The older I get, the more I appreciate them.

  2. I have brothers and sisters (natural and spiritual) that genuinely care for me.

  3. I’m married!! A lot of people desire to be married. I don’t take my husband or our relationship for granted.

  4. Freedom. This year was all about freedom for me. Freedom from my corporate job, the freedom to make my own choices, the freedom to take time to be myself etc.

  5. Community. My church is a blessing I did not see coming!! The church is beyond Sundays. The people, the vibes, the love, EVERYTHING is unmatched. So thankful!

  6. Grace. God's grace knows no bounds. There’s no one that can love and teach us how to be gracious other than God. He is a pro-fess-ional!

  7. Innovation. I learned how to do so many new things! I started learning chords on the guitar, learned to do my own false nails, manage my natural hair better without heat damage, barter and partner like a pro! So many #lifehacks!

  8. Support. I don’t stalk my analytics so I had no idea how much support I get when I actually blog. I’m so thankful for those that take the time out to read what I have to say.

  9. My voice. I was a super shy kid so I value the courage and confidence to speak up for myself.

  10. Godfidence. What a journey it was to love myself. I don’t take it lightly that I can say I truly love being who God created me to be.

  11. Faith. Year 30 was a faith journey. I had my personal expectations for life and not all of them were met. I had to remind myself that faith is the evidence of things not seen. Although, it may not be visible in the natural, the spirit can be thriving, and preparing.

  12. Friends. My friends are the best! I’ve never felt so loved by my crew. I have genuine, HONEST friends that push me to be a better me while simultaneously appreciating who I am now.

  13. Social media. Although, my ambivert self sometimes needs a break, I love connecting with people worldwide via social networks. Sharing and caring!

  14. Books. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge available to us. To think there was a time, me as a black woman couldn’t read publicly. I love venturing to a peaceful place with a good book.

  15. Home. I have cultivated a cozy, peaceful home that I love. Despite being coated in various shades of blues, grey and white, my home is very cozy, and warm.

  16. Prayer/War Room. My office doubles as a prayer space. I love having a designated area to cry out to God with thankfulness and/or honesty.

  17. Food! I love a good meal and I eat a lot lol I have a few cookbooks and old family recipes that I adore!! I also love going out for a new meal at a familiar place or trying somewhere new.

  18. Blogging. My blog is therapy for me and my subscribers. I get so much out of organized dumping as I like to call it sometimes lol

  19. Shopping. Retail therapy is real! I love a good sale!

  20. Poshmark! I recently started selling items so now I can create income from my closet!

  21. Style. It is a weird thing to be thankful for, but I’ve come to learn that everyone doesn’t know what I know. Pairing items and presenting one’s self fashionable is a gift.

  22. Kindness. In my Good Girl Chronicles series I talked about how I used to be embarrassed because I didn’t know how to be a mean person. Now, I’m thankful that I genuinely care for other’s well being. We need more kindness and consideration in this day and age.

  23. Travel. Luis and I declared that this year we would travel more and we have!! Our big trip is in October and I can’t wait!

  24. Spiritual Gifts. I’ve know I was prophetic my entire life. It is such an interesting gift to be able to hear from God so clearly and decipher between His voice and your own. 🙌🏽

  25. Discipleship. I’ve had the pleasure of discipling a few young women this year and it is a joy!! Seeing how God transforms their lives is beautiful!

  26. Worship. I’m actually celebrating my birthday this year by having a private prayer and worship night with friends and family! It is one of my favorite things. It breeds peace and clarity. It is totally unmatched!

  27. Time. I’m big on nostalgia. I love time traveling via music and tv. This year I got the revelation that this present time will eventually become nostalgic so that encourages me to make the most of now and create magic beautiful memories.

  28. Health. I started taking my health very serious this year. I nixed the chips, avoid process foods, increased my water intake and started working out. I feel great!

  29. The skin I’m in. I’ve never had skin problems and I’d like to keep it that way! I implemented an easy skin care routine that keeps my skin glowing on those makeup free days!

  30. Posture. I don’t mean how I stand or sit, but my heart. I transfix my posture towards Jesus in all things. This allows me to be stress free and trust God wholeheartedly. How do you posture your heart towards God? Read His word. Knowing what God says and who He says you are, equips you with a foundation to be still.

  31. Love. Jesus said the greatest of everything is love. Love is the beginning and the end. I’m so thankful that He loved us first and set an example of what true agape love looks like!!

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