How To Maximize Your Event Experience

I have the pleasure of attending a lot of events! I have been managing 2/3 events a month over the course of 5 years! Whenever I go to an event, I make sure I always do these three things:

1. Become friends with the photographer.

The person taking the pictures should become your BFF! Most of them are really cool people! Some photographers will even share images they have taken of you, that are usually pretty good quality and natural because you’re focused on the event, and email them to you. Sometimes even for free! Shout out to @gotit_lens for this pic of me!

2. Don’t crowd the speaker(s).

After an event is over the attendees tend to gravitate towards the speakers which is fine, but for me personally I like to engage in organic conversation. As someone who speaks at events myself, typically people are saying the same thing “I’m so happy to meet you” “I love what you have to say about this or that”. Admiration is always appreciated, but I don’t like to be too fan girl. Instead, What I like to do is interact with the other attendees in the room because you never know who is plugged or would be divine connection. Just because someone isn’t on a panel doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer.

3. Take pictures in the moment, but post them the day after.

During the event everyone is posting photos so it can become a little too saturated. Especially followers and influencers that run in the same circles. I will post photos and videos on my Insta story in the moment, but nothing on my grid until the traffic has cleared. I was sending an email in this photo lol

What are your event dos and don’ts?

I am hosting my second event next month, Beyond The Blog! Get tix here or here!

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