Its been a while since I uploaded a more serious blog post. My brother was in a really bad car accident last month. His truck hit some black ice and then three trees where he was thrown 20 feet from the vehicle. He has had several surgeries to his brain and spine, so I have been right there. That played a role, but in the spirit of honesty, wasn't the main reason I was absence. I did a lot of writing while hanging at the hospital with him and my other family. I intended to share it all, but talked myself out of it. I was convinced that no one wanted to hear what I had to say, that I was boring, and all these other things that simply aren't true! Blogging isn't just fun vacation photos and free clothing. It is opening up your private life to others. That type of vulnerability is optional, but popular and can be scary. I've developed an open book type of transparency with my followers, but choosing what to share can be nerving.

What people don't tell you about blogging is the long photoshoots, the writer's block, the urge to keep up with your colleagues. I didn't have the same time to commit as I did before, which is understandable, but blogging is more than a hobby. I speak about comparison and the development of envy because I've experienced it so much. It can be difficult when you're doing all the work and your numbers aren't growing. It can be discouraging when no one is opening your e-blasts or you have no new subscribers. What helps me is focusing on the work and not the results. Remembering the "why" is so important. If you're getting into blogging because you want to be instafamous, quit now. I like blogging because I know my testimonies and tips are going to help and inspire others. No one may have noticed but I reverted some old personal post to drafts a while back. I didn't want to use my pain for profit. I had forgot my why. Now that my head is back on straight lol, the posts are public again. I never want to lose sight of why I started. You guys can look forward to more post, more frequently. No more doubt! Have you ever second guessed yourself?

Tell me all about it : hello@porchealondone.com

Update on my brother

He is doing much better! The accident was on 1/25 and he had emergency brain surgery. That was frightening. After that, he had two more brain surgeries, all successful. He has one more to install a metal plate and then the doctors will operate on his spine. The positive is that the accident and aftermath has brought my family much closer together. That is what my best friend and I like to call an 8:28 moment referencing Romans 8:28. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

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