Saturdays are for.... •Sleeping in •Mani/Pedis •Photoshop •Checking off to-do list •Uninterrupted quiet time •All day snacking •Date nights

•Filming videos •Reading •Did I say all day snacking?

My Saturday routine actually varies depending on the week. I work a full 8-5 job M-F and attend church on Sundays so Saturdays are my ONLY day to have a little time for myself. Here's how it usually goes!


Wake, Pray, Bae.

Literally. I sleep in on Saturdays, JUST A LITTLE BIT. Waking up at 8 am is a treat for me. Because I usually get up around 6 am, that extra two hours is ENCHANTING. Once I am up, first thing to do is pray, soaking in the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it is an hour, sometimes it is 20 minutes. I just let The Lord lead. This DEFINITELY helps me with creativity and direction.

NOTE: Unless it is urgent, I don't schedule anything on Saturdays unless it directly enhances my brand or is for my family (this includes close friends).With that being stated, I have to have time for bae aka my brand. I do most of my photos, filming, and content curation on Saturdays. This allows me time to edit and organize so I'm not scrambling to post during the week.


Self Care.

Because my free time is so limited right now, I knock out all of my personal processes on my "off day".

I take the longest shower ever and shave (touch up during the week)

Get my eyebrows threaded (Every 3 weeks)

Give myself a manicure ( I order these nails and apply/paint them myself. I save so much money! There's several videos on YouTube about how to apply them. They usually last about 2 weeks.)

Skin care routine. If you guys want me to expand on this, drop a comment or send an email :-)


Me Time.

Having quality leisure time is different from self-care because this time is delegated for whatever I want to do. I might use this time to binge watch a tv show, read a book, cook a new recipe, spend time with my esposo or go out with friends. It is whatever I want to do. We spend so much time doing what is needed, that we forget to make time for what makes us happy. Writing, and doing my nails is cool, but it isn't always relaxing. Chill time isn't optional. I learned that the hard way. I started to feel like I was always working, and that was miserable. I had to make a change so I implemented this Saturday Must Have, to do something I enjoy.

How To Guarantee a Productive Off-Day In 3 Easy Steps

1. Make a To-Do List. Having a clear a concise vision for your day helps alleviate some of the stress that can ensue when there's a lot that needs to be done. Sometimes we over-exaggerate what we need to accomplish. For me, writing it all down helps me focus. And I just LOVE checking things off my list.

2. Prioritize. What HAS to get done right now, and what can wait until later? Asking yourself these questions will help take the pressure of having to get everything done right now, off.

3. Delegate. It really takes a village sometimes. Appoint task to others because YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING. Ask your roommate to wash the dishes, tell your husband to take the car for a wash or pick up the kids. Utilize (not use) those around you to ensure your to-do list is complete. Most people are willing to help if you ask nicely.

Bonus Tip: If you don't attain everything on your list, it is okay. There's always tomorrow!

If you need advice of how to organize your week or time management, shoot me an email!

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