I kicked off my new year with my Society 87 Sisters!! We hosted a headshot and vision board party, and it was a blast!!!

The event included three speakers:

1. Brittany Wright on "Securing Goals": How to strategize and accomplish your goals.

Brittany gave tips for setting short term for goals for your long term goals. Her main points included:

Setting Goals for you: Making sure that your goals align with your purpose

Being Ready for your Goals: Making sure that you are even ready to receive what you're planning for.

Strategic Goal Setting: How to write your goals out. Macro and micro goals.

2. Arionne Nettles on "Planning": How to organize thoughts on paper and make your goals seem attainable.

Arionne elaborated on a few key points. 1. Time management 2. Applying categories to maintain order

Three main categories:

For the money: Time for necessary work tasks

For the love: Time for passion projections

For self-care: Time to rest, recoup, and preparing your mind, body and spirit for the next week

3. Sydney Lewis on "Dreaming Visually": How to apply the law of attraction. and vision board direction.

Sydney gave a brief synopsis on the importance of vision boards, what to expect from them and provided great personal examples.

The History of Vision Boards / Law Of Attraction: The law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on so by creating a vision board, you are choosing to focus on your desires for your future self.

Experiences with Vision Board Success: Sydney literally has a photo that is almost identical to the one of her vision board. (I wasn't able to capture a photo)

Tips When Creating A Vision Board: Have it make sense to you. Nothing is off limits. You can use a vision board for every area of your life, romantic, financial etc. There's no expiration date on your vision. Creating a board and not having immediate results is normal. Stay encouraged and keep working towards your goals.

The headshots were sponsored by Queensview Creative Studios by Photographer Taylor Larue

What do you guys think? You like my photos? Is there anything else that you guys would want to learn more about regarding goals and organization?

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