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Happy New Year!

It is 2K19 and you are determined that this is your year to get married, or lose weight or be successful. To quote Kanye circa 2012-ish, but how Sway? You want God to prosper you but are you good soil? Do you create an environment that allows seeds to fl...

We’ve all been there where you start a new job, project or relationship with all the excitement and ambition in the world.
And then it comes to a sudden, screeching halt....seemingly. You don’t “feel” like going to that meeting or editing that content so you put it off...

Ah Fall... The season for colorful leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and duh, fall FASHION! TBH, I'm not a BIG fan of any weather below 70 degrees, but since I live in Chicago, a fashionistas gotta do what I fashionistas gotta do. These days I'm saving my coins for tra...

A few weeks ago I was knocked out sleeping and I was semi-jolted awake in my sleep by the words "Rhema Word".

The day before I had been frustrated and crying out to God about how I dislike when people say create the life you want. "If only it was that easy, Lord. T...

Birthday Behavior: 31 Things I'm Thankful For

 It is my birthday!!! (Maybe....depending on when you read this!) I'm so excited to celebrate another year of life! This year has been nothing short of amazing!!! God really showed up and out my first year in my 30s! There w...

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Porchea-Londone Miranda is a fashion expert, having worked for a variety of retail companies as a buyer, visual merchandiser, marketing specialist and model. She also freelances as an inspirational speaker and is the author of the digital style guide, Saving & Slaying.


The self-proclaimed women's esteem advocate, uses her love for fashion and people to curate content that inspires women to understand and embrace their identity and purpose from the inside out.

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