You guys asked for content on creating a productive work space and here it is!

I spend A LOT of time in my office at my computer so it needed to be a place where I could have the liberty to create but atemophere to be disciplined. Here are my tips on how to create a pro...

I stan an all-black fire fit! I have been pining for a pair of flared pants for quite a while, but always found something more practical to buy. Then the opportunity to have a pair of custom pants made came about. Custom pants? At my height (5'2") that is a fantastic o...

Me: God, why aren't you blessing my womb?

God: You need to heal.

Me: I AM healed.

God: Sure, Jan... 

That was my life for ten years. I was 827,390,726% certain that I was right. Which meant what? God was wrong?

Spoiler Alert: He's never wrong. 

I spent the last decade believ...

Happy New Year!

It is 2K19 and you are determined that this is your year to get married, or lose weight or be successful. To quote Kanye circa 2012-ish, but how Sway? You want God to prosper you but are you good soil? Do you create an environment that allows seeds to fl...

We’ve all been there where you start a new job, project or relationship with all the excitement and ambition in the world.
And then it comes to a sudden, screeching halt....seemingly. You don’t “feel” like going to that meeting or editing that content so you put it off...

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Porchea-Londone Miranda is a fashion expert, having worked for a variety of retail companies as a buyer, visual merchandiser, marketing specialist and model. She also freelances as an inspirational speaker and is the author of the digital style guide, Saving & Slaying.


The self-proclaimed women's esteem advocate, uses her love for fashion and people to curate content that inspires women to understand and embrace their identity and purpose from the inside out.

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